Shine.GLAM is the innovative range of in-wall touch switches that can be realised in various customisable materials such varnished glass, marble and other stylish supports.

The high degree of customisation makes Shine.GLAM unique among other in-wall command devices and we can develop specific solutions on customer requirements.
Shine.GLAM belongs to the Shine.Style product, but it can be adopted in any electrical installation even if no home automation system is present. So it’s an elegant and smart solution even for who is looking to make a stylish renovation of the electrical system. 
A true jewel of design: completely plan, elegant, slim and touch sensitive.

A smart backlight gives elegance to these objects which become integral part of the furniture and they’re always understated and elegant in order to appear appropriate in any interior design.

Shine.GLAM’s functionalities are many
: it’s possible to control lighting, automations (i.e. open and close shutters or curtains). Touch switches can also be used to launch programmed scenes as “Leave home“, “Goodnight” and all the ones user has previosuly configured by smart interfaces (smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, …). 

Possibilities of touch switch customisations for Shine.GLAM are really limitless !

In addition to white, glass plates can be customised with any other colour shade. 
Moreover they can be made of different matters and finishes: mirror, wood, marble, precious stone as malachite, onyx and so on.
Here below you can find some samples …

Shine.GLAM can be enhanced even with custom’s artwork.
In fact it’s possible to insert serigraphies, logos and even make it unique with a custom supplied picture !

With Shine.GLAM it’s possible to achieve also special functions as courtesy lights, step marker lights and emergency lights.