“Every one is unique.

Everyone of us has their own tastes, passions, and their own personality.

We feel good together but we chase in our home that cosiness which can satisfy, embrace and give us all we need… security, comfort, relax, warmth.

Everyone of us searches for something unique and special inside his home. Something that can identify and distinguish everyone from the other.”




    Shine.GLAM is the innovative new range for in-wall switches and sockets completely realised by Shineforce with touch responsive devices. They are embedded in beautyful varnished glass-made plates and they can be completely customised.
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    Shine.RAINBOW is a device that allows to dim and change the colour of RGB led lights (strips, spotlights, …). It also can manage white tonalities (warm, cold and natural). Every space will be unique and suitable for any situation.
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    Shine.FRAGRANCE is a device that allows to spread selected fragrances in rooms and spaces. It can be installed in-wall boxes for standard sockets and it will be able to create a special atmosphere that will envelop you with the charme of its scents …
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