Home automation refers to the application of technological solutions within home environments and more generally, buildings with the aim of creating application solutions which increase the safety of environments, improve comfort levels, simplify daily activities and provide greater management of the building.
In practice, Home Automation involves establishing an electric system which varies slightly from those of the past, by introducing, primarily, an intelligent component. By means of this intelligence, the home or building becomes finally able to actively communicate, two-way, relying upon the use of interface devices. Examples of user interfaces are touchscreen monitors, smartphones, tablets, personal computers, even smart TVs and all the devices that can allow user to interact with this new “intelligent” electric system. 

The complete integration of the various functions present (lighting, temperature control, automations, burglar-proof systems, etc.) further enable the creation of new objects defined as home automtion scenes, a whole host of actions which can be simultaneously carried out and simply activated using a single command.

Timers can be set to allow user to program actions that will be then executed automatically in order of doesn’t worry anymore.

Thanks to remote management via GSM or Internet, even at a distance, it is possible to be safe in the knowledge that everything is under control and secure, by “checking” all the elements within your home or requesting an action be carried out remotely.

Example of scenes:
LEAVING HOME “Switches off all the lights, closes the shutters and activates the burglar-proof system …”
WAKE UP “Half opens the shutters in the bedrooms and switches on the coffee machine, deactivates the burglar-proof system but only for inside sensors …”

Example of timers:
The “wake up” scene is activated every day, from Monday to Friday at 07.00
The kitchen gas valve is closed and the burglar-proof system is activated every evening at 23.00
The “irrigation” scene is activated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 05.00

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